Welcome to BotanaLife Inc., an emerging company a belief of researching ongoing research in Nutraceutical industry and nutritional supplements that have been tested to show improvement in health and naturally helping improve our health.
BotanaLife has put together a team of experts to follow ongoing research. Since 2009 it has been researching in new developments, putting together products that have had clinical trial as well as human clinical trials on effects of taking Nutraceutical products.
The first Product was launched in 2012 in USA was MindBoost with two award winning ingredients that will help improve your memory.
After 1 year we were having difficulty penetrating the market and challanges we could not address. The product sold out and we put all the product launch on hold for doing more research and understanding the everchanging development.
We are now focusing on Canadian Market as it is easier to manage and doing a local launch in New Brunswick, Canada.
Go to Face Book Page https://www.facebook.com/Botanalife/ for current Information.

This website is being changed. We have left the old website up so you can look at it and read about the MinBboost we launched. We will be relaunching the product soon as we are working with manufacturer to give us a date on when it will be ready for shipping.